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Good Neighbour Agreement Policy

 1 Purpose of this policy
 2 Authority
 3 Guiding principles

Purpose of this policy

1   To ensure activities contained within this policy are provided in a manner that mitigates nuisance and disruptive behavior within their vicinity, and promotes positive behavior in the community.


2   Council

Guiding principles

3   (1) Organizations providing any of the following services are encouraged to enter into a Good Neighbour Agreement (GNA):

(a) Needle exchanges

(2) GNAs may also be used at the discretion of Council for other similar uses, including but not limited to:

(a) liquor establishments; and

(b) drug and alcohol treatment centers.

(3) The GNA will demonstrate all parties’ desire to be responsible corporate citizens and ensure Abbotsford remains a safe, healthy, and inclusive community for the enjoyment of everyone.

(4) The GNA will establish reasonable behavior and responsibilities of all parties relevant to the service being provided. This may include, but is not limited to sections on:

(a) guiding principles;

(b) location and hours of service;

(c) noise, disorder and cleanliness;

(d) criminal activity;

(e) complaint mechanisms; and

(f) enforcement.

(5) GNAs will be entered into voluntarily and in good faith by all parties. They may include, but is not limited to, the City, Abbotsford Police Department, Provincial government ministries and agencies, and Federal government departments and agencies, and community service providers.

(6) The General Manager, Planning and Development Services, or his/her designate, is authorized to negotiate, prepare, and enter into GNAs according to the provisions as set out in this policy.

(7) Non-compliance with the terms of a signed GNA may be brought to the attention of City Council.

ADOPTED on February 3, 2014 LAST REVISED on ,